Sawmills New Zealand Ltd trading as Mahoe Sawmills

Mahoe Sawmills


Sawdust chute

The new sawdust chute directs the sawdust away from the log and makes removing sawdust easier.

Hydraulic Rise and Fall

With the hydraulic rise and fall you can increase the value of the cut boards and your production. The first cut takes the side off the log and glancing down you can see the grain, quality and length of the next cut. With the accuracy of the hydraulic Rise and Fall you can choose to go back up the log to take a smaller board then down again to get a full length, straight grained good quality board.


The Supermill has the option of a custom made trailer for transporting the mill on the road.


Motor Kubota 42hp turbo diesel. Electric option
Maximum Cut 300mm x 200mm or 12” x 8” down to veneer. 300mm x 250mm or 12” x 10” option
Maximum Log Length 6 meters. 1 meter extension option
Maximum Diameter 1.5 meters or 6 feet down to 200mm or 8 inches
Saw Blades 761mm Vertical, 560mm horizontal, 6.5mm tungston weld on tipped blades . Inserted tooth blades and fine kerf blade options
Sharpener 12 Volt grinder sharpens blades on the mill with diamond wheel
Travel Feed Friction drive. Hydraulic option
Rise and Fall Hydraulic operated screw lift with dial gauge
Greasing Central greasing system
Riving Knives On both blades
Clutch Centrifugal clutch
Gearing Standard, or hardwood option
Packaging for Export Beam 8.4m x .650 x .750. Power head 1m x 1.25 x 1.25
Warranty One year on faulty parts and workmanship
Training Free in our yard